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How To Write The Methodology Part Of A Dissertation

How to Write a Methodology Section for Your Thesis or Dissertation. A widely accepted dissertation structure of the methodology section is provided below: Research strategy and design. Philosophical theories. Data-gathering methods. Data-analysis methods. Ethical issues and considerations. Reliability of research + its limitations.

  • A perfect methodology should state and answer the following: Explain what kind of research you conducted Discuss what method (s) did you use for data collection State what were the data analysis methods you used.

  • With these tips, you would find it easier to write the methodology section of your dissertation. Tip 1: Study Other Methodologies Before you start writing your dissertation methodology, before you even chose a methodology, study the methodology used by other researchers in your field.

  • Therefore, it’s vital that you clearly outline and justify your research philosophy at the beginning of your methodology chapter, as it sets the scene for everything that follows. Design Choice #2 – Research Type The next thing you would typically discuss in.

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